What's Happening Now?


What's Happening Now?

Developing permanent designs 

Lambeth Council are currently developing permanent designs for the Streatham Hill Low Traffic Neighbourhood. During January and February 2023, we carried out public engagement to consult the community on potential designs for two specific sites within the LTN, Amesbury Avenue parade, and the junction of Palace Road and Daysbrook Road.  a colorful board with a sign on it

You can see the results of this engagement by downloading the pdf below. The results include:

  • An overview of the activities we carried out during the permanent design engagement. 

  • Who responded and how. 

  • Key priorities and comments from people we spoke to locally and those who responded to the online survey.  

Through this engagement we are developing the permanent LTN designs based on suggestions from the local community. 

Wider improvements: 

We are designing permanent traffic filters to replace the current planters, as well as a range of street improvements across the LTN. This includes:  

  • Major street improvements to Amesbury Avenue shopping parade and the junction of Palace Road anDaysbrook Road 

  • Accessibility improvements such as dropped kerbs and tactile paving 

  • More trees and planting  

  • Seating and play features 

 What’s happening next? 

 A more detailed report on the permanent design engagement will be published towards the end of May. This will include concept designs for Amesbury Avenue shopping parade and the junction of Palace Road and Daysbrook road as part of the permanent LTN. 

Designs are being developed during 2023, with construction expected to being during the winter of 2023/24. Elements of the permanent designs for Amesbury Avenue shopping parade and the junction of  Palace Road and Claverdale Road will be tested during the summer of 2023. Please note this is subject to external factors and therefore may be subject to some change.   

Check out the summary report for the engagement we did on Amesbury Avenue and Palace Road: