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Streatham Hill LTN Permanent Traffic Order: 

Independent monitoring shows that the LTN has helped to reduce traffic overall by around 4,500 vehicles a day, meaning there is now more safe space for walking and cycling, to make the area greener, more climate resilient and to build spaces to meet and rest. The level of cycling in the LTN and on boundary roads has increased by over 50%. 

Lambeth’s recently agreed Climate Action Plan shows that we will need to reduce traffic in Lambeth by 27% by 2030 to play our part to avoid the worst impacts of climate change. LTNs are a key part of our strategy to reduce traffic across the borough and the evidence we have collected show that they are effective in furthering this objective. 

These measures have previously been trialled as part of an experiment and a decision has now been made to revoke any existing experimental orders that remain in force and to introduce the scheme as described in the traffic order. Objections and representations may be made until July 22 2022.

January 2023

We are beginning a new round of engagement on January 16, which will run until February 28. Throughout this period, we'll be hosting and attending a range of events, all of which will be publicised here.

The purpose is to consult the community on potential designs for two specific sites within the LTN, Amesbury Avenue parade, and the junction of Palace Road and Daysbrook Road. 

We've created a survey for you to provide feedback on potential upgrades, and will be out and about in the coming weeks to speak to the community too.

This engagement phase has finished

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