Support for Walking, Wheeling and Cycling


Support for Walking, Wheeling and Cycling

We know that we need to do more than simply change the road layout to support people to walk and cycle.

Other measures we have taken within the Streatham Hill LTN:

  • Hitherfield Primary School is signed up to our School Streets scheme .
  • Pedestrian training delivered at Streatham Wells Primary and Hitherfield Primary schools, providing children with the knowledge and skills needed for independent journeys to and from school, including how to cross roads and the importance of being seen
  • Road Danger Awareness Theatre delivered at Streatham Wells Primary, including a mix of online and in person theatre workshops delivered by actors, incorporating literacy and numerical skills to raise awareness around safe independent travel
  • A School Street was launched at Hitherfield Primary School. This introduced a temporary closure zone to Hitherfield Road, helping to reduce road danger and air pollution at the school gates, while encouraging safe walking, cycling and scooting.
  • Numerous Dr Bike Sessions within the LTN, providing experienced mechanics and free bike services to those within or travelling through the area
  • Free cycle training is available to everyone that lives within the area and can be booked via Lambeth’s active travel page