Street Improvements including Boundary Roads


Street Improvements including Boundary Roads

What are we doing? What can we do down the line?

We are consulting on whether to make the LTN permanent. If this is realised then we will look to upgrade the current temporary layout to a permanent one that consolidates and enhances the space including new seating, cycle parking, tree planting and play areas.

To help with this discussion we have created a visualisation of what permanent changes could look like. It is important to note this visualisation is intended to start a conversation around the space and would be subject to change and further refinement. We are open to ideas and will need the community to share their feedback and ideas to help design these spaces. We are open to ideas and will need the community to share their feedback and ideas to help design these spaces.

Short term and medium term: 

  • Extra traffic calming on Leigham Vale 
  • Traffic calming on Leigham Court Road, part of 20mph project
  • A new cycling and walking crossing, part of Peckham to Streatham Healthy Route
  • New pollution blocking green screens at locations along the A205, including the Palace Estate 
  • New air quality monitors on south circular
  • Monitoring the impact of the Ultra-Low Emission Zone
  • Green screens installed at Dunraven School and Hitherfield Primary School. All local schools will be offered the opportunity to install screens
  •  A23 Improvement Scheme: new cycle lane and safe crossings on Streatham Hill, led by Transport for London.
  • Streatham Wells LTN: we're consulting with residents as we consider whether to introduce a new LTN.
  •  Leigham Court Road danger reduction scheme
  • Deliver sustainable travel improvements for local residents such as cycle and walking training and expanding bike hangar provision.

Lambeth and London-wide changes that will impact transport and air quality in the area:

  • Ongoing monitoring of traffic volumes in the area
  • Further improvements to bus fleet to make them low-emission
  • General uptake of electric/ zero emissions vehicles
  • More people choosing to walk and cycle each year
  • The council's operations will be carbon neutral by 2030

This engagement phase has finished

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