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Update 13/12/2021

This is an update from the Low Traffic Neighbourhood team at Lambeth Council.

The Streatham Hill consultation is ongoing. We have had a strong response to the survey so far, and would encourage those who are yet to complete the survey to do so by 11.59pm Sunday 19th December. As always, our inbox is also open for questions and feedback.

Since 15th November, we have held discussions with various stakeholders in the area in Q&A sessions, working towards solutions and hearing their thoughts on certain issues. One such focus was on how the LTN has impacted certain schools, and this provided valuable feedback for the consultation.

Five pop up stalls have been held at various places since 15th November to provide residents with more information on completing the surveys. We’ve had mechanics at our sessions to help fix and maintain people’s bikes, as well as balance bike lessons for young ones. The stalls have served as a valuable source of feedback from residents, businesses, and many more. Councillors were present on occasion and were able to discuss matters with a host of visitors.


Joyriders is an organisation that supports women to gain confidence in their riding skills to the point where they are happy and comfortable riding a bike independently. Since April 2021 they have trained 90 ride leaders and run 259 rides for 1600+ women, across 4 cities. JoyRiders' #WinterChallenge is their main fundraising event of the year. This year they are challenging you - and anyone you know who rides a bike - to help them reach a 100,000 mile target. All rides between 1st December and 28th February count... and you can either upload directly, or link to Strava to record your rides.

JoyRiders' Winter 100,000 Challenge

Streatham Wells

The initial response to our launch of the Commonplace has resulted in plenty of feedback from the community and will be analysed extensively to identify issues in and around the Streatham Wells area. We have also started meeting with key stakeholders, including group representatives and councillors, who have provided further valuable insight into transport and public realm considerations in the area. Lamppost posters have been installed around Streatham Wells to promote the Commonplace. We would encourage you to spread the word and encourage further feedback!

Posted on 13th December 2021

by JM