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New crossing - Mount Nod Road, Leigham Avenue and Leigham Court Road junction

Later this month, we are installing a new walking and cycle crossing on Leigham Court Road, at the junction with Mount Nod Road & Leigham Avenue. The crossing is a key part of Lambeth’s Healthy Route Network linking Streatham to Brockwell Park and beyond. In order to improve this location for walking and cycling, we will be installing:

  • A new dedicated walking and cycling crossing facility (parallel zebra) on Leigham Court Road. The crossing will be particularly beneficial for pupils and parents of both Dunraven schools
  • The introduction of a ‘raised table’ (a raised section of the road at the crossing point). This will reduce traffic speeds on the approach to the new crossing, making it safer
  • Additional traffic calming on Leigham Court Road to reduce speeds as part of our road danger reduction programme
  • The Healthy Route connects Lambeth to neighbouring Southwark using mainly quiet residential streets. Phase 1 of the project is underway, with some walking and cycling improvements already in place on Norwood and Rosendale Road. Phase 2 will see further improvements, to enable more people to walk and cycle safely.

    Location :

    Mount Nod Road x Leigham Court Road x Leigham Avenue Junction

    Description :

    Parallel Zebra : A new dedicated crossing facility with segregated walking and cycling provision

    Raised Table : Raising carriageway level to zebra crossing level

    Banned Right Turn : For drivers exiting Mount Nod Road onto Leigham Court Road

    Works will commence from 7.30am Monday 28th February for 11 weeks.

    To facilitate these works safely, our contractor Ringway will need to put the following traffic management measures in place for the duration of the works.

  • Mount Nod Road will be closed at the junction with Leigham Court Road, a signed diversion will be installed via Mountearl Gardens. Temporary double yellow lines will be in place to assist with vehicle turning and passing movements.
  • Leigham Avenue will be closed at the junction with Leigham Court Road, a signed diversion will be installed via Conifer Gardens and Culverhouse Gardens.
  • Conifer Gardens priority will be changed from two-way to one-way (southbound only), as it will not be possible to exit onto Leigham Court Road via Leigham Avenue with the closure in place. The one-way will operate along the entire stretch of Conifer Gardens and will help traffic flow coming from Leigham Avenue.
  • 2-way temporary traffic signals, including pedestrian facilities to cross Leigham Court Road safely, will be installed at the junction on Leigham Court Road.
  • At the end of the allotted works period, the junction will be closed completely overnight for 3 consecutive nights to carry out carriageway surfacing works and road marking works. We will be sending a follow-up letter to inform you of the exact dates that these works will take place.

    It is expected that all works for this scheme will be completed within 12 weeks, provided there are no unforeseen circumstances or weather conditions that delay or prevent works taking place.

    If you wish to contact Lambeth Council for any other matters relating to the works being undertaken, please contact Highways on 020 7926 9000, or email

    Ringway correspondence.pdf - official Ringway notice

    More info will be available here soon on our plans on tackling speeding -

    Posted on 23rd February 2022

    by DG